Nomad Lodges offers an alternative in Equitable Tourism designed to contribute and raise awareness in the conservation of the Amazonian forest and its inhabitants.

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Each lodge is powered using locally produced alternative sources of energy avoiding the need for externally produced fuel to be brought to the area.

Most of the food and drinks consumed in each lodge will come directly from the area.

Having visited more than 300 lodges in South America and evaluated the advantages and inconveniences of each, it seemed clear that the Nomad Lodges Amazonas project is a model for what ecotourism should be: clear and simple, based on service quality, conservation of the natural reserves, teaching and respecting the local population.




The Nomad Lodges are located a 96-hectare plot  near the Amacayacu National Park, which comprises 639 meters of riverbank and 1500 meters inside the forest.

Instead of designing a resort-like concept, along the water, we have developed a structure that finds its roots on deep inside the land and extends to the water.

The complex has been thought to encompass three different areas.

The first area is made of traditional constructions and is the first point of contacts with locals. It is where foods and goods arrive, the be later used in other parts of the resort.

The second area is located inside the secondary forest and hosts the employees in their respective rooms (up to 20), a well as a common area. the architecture here is is more contemporary.

Finally, the third area is comprised of bungalow whose legs are half on the shore, half immersed in the water. A floating harbor is available for guests in order to hop on the Nomad Lodges boats and explore. Common spaces have been designed to contribute to a lively and warm atmosphere.

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The planned infrastructure for the various projects is constructed using mainly local materials for minimal impact on the environment. 

The system allows rapid and easy dismantling of the entire infrastructure leaving the area exactly as it was found.


Renderings and mockups realized by: Omarini Micello Architectes: