Picture yourself arriving at Nomad Lodges after a long international flight. One of our traditional boats is transporting you to your lodge right before sunset. You reflect and spend a moment contemplating these magical sights of an untouched and raw nature. Suddenly you let go. You’ve reached your final destination and start embracing the spirit of the Amazon.


It takes a two-hour trip on the water before you reach a place far beyond everything imaginable. A wooden dock is coming out of the jungle and leading up to a massive tree. The river is impressive and beautiful, the forest loud and dense.

A gentleman named Pierre welcomes you with a sweet French accent.

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Our very attentive staff has taken care of everything for you and you just got to your lodge where we’ve set up a surprise welcome amenity inspired by local traditions. You pour yourself a glass of wine, walk to the balcony and admire the views. Night melodies start to intensify, toads, the soft sound of water hitting the shore and night birds. You start to feel like one with the environment.



After a long and restful night, you’re ready to start the adventure and you decide to explore the surroundings. After packing our signature homemade lunchbox and your camera, you leave the resort early and penetrate the dense jungle. You’re only a few steps away and have already spotted multiple fantastic animals, not even minding your presence. The natural order has been restored. This is how thing should be, every specie coexisting peacefully.



After discovering the wonders of the exuberant rainforest, you decide to dive into the local culture and to meet the people. The guardians of the forest, as we call them here. It is perfect because Nomad Lodges crafted its concept around the local communities. Along with our local expert, you visit the nearby villages where you receive the warmest welcome. The Aticoya love to share and a large table has already been set up for you with countless of local delicacies. You discover completely new flavors while learning about the locals’ lifestyle. Later on, they invite you on a tour around the village.



A few days or even a week passed by - you are not too sure anymore because the time seems to have stopped here. One sure thing is that you find yourself contemplating life in a different way. You’ve embraced the nature around around you and in a very mystical way, it has embraced you back and brought you peace and serenity. You will never forget the magical moments spent at Nomad Lodges and from now on, wherever you go, you will bring a little piece of the Amazon nested deep inside you.