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One of the world’s largest density and diversity of animals species and plants is located in the Amazon region. Our goal is to honor the natural riches around us and to provide the most immersive experience for our guests.

The Amazon project, an emblematic image for our concept, is situated in an area housed within 500,000 hectares of the Colombian Amazon, bordering Brazil and Peru, of which 300,000 hectares are National Park territory and 200,000 are Indigenous Reservations. This area is rich in biodiversity and home to 500 bird species, 150 species of mammals and 1000 species of plants among others, surrounded by three indigenous ethnicities; the Tikuna, Yagua and Cocama.



The Amazon rainforest is home the most interesting animals ranging from the cute sloths, colorful parrots, to incredible frogs and black howler monkeys. Being located right in the middle of the ecosystem, guests at Nomad Lodges to encounter multiple amazing species every day.



The nature surrounding us offers a fantastic spectacle with abundant displays of shapes, smells, colors and textures. Modern explorer and avid photographers will spend hours exploring and documenting the riches around them.