The root of Nomad Lodges revolves around the community we have built, which believes in our values and share a common dream. Joining the tribe is easy and we offer different options that suit your needs in order to become a member of our like-minded individuals.



This is destined for those who would like to become financial partners of our project and to be part of a pioneering adventure developed around a powerful model of environmental protection.

As an investor, you will have the opportunity to visit the site, to invite your family, friends or guests, to show them that, through their support, a real Amazon conservation project is being developed in collaboration with National Parks and the indigenous communities.




Become part of our Tribe is made possible for any budget and you do not have to be involved financially. Any kind of contribution is welcome! If you would like to join us as an ambassador, you will be part of our ambassador program and help spread the word about Nomad Lodges. In return, you will have the privilege to be among our first community members and enjoy special benefits.



We are naturally looking for bright talents, experienced hoteliers, service professionals with a warm personality and strong interest in sustainability. We are currently building our team - seize your chance and apply today!