Thank you very much for your interest in Nomad lodges.

As you know, Nomad lodges is a new concept combining both Experience and Impact aiming to create an Exchange-based business model. 

Therefore we are looking for Actors of Change with whom we will evolve our project.

Nomad lodges Amazonas is located in the heart of the Amazon and is committed to working with local people, which implies an outstanding professional and human commitment for our future employees.

This is why we need to know your Motivations and Passions through a short motivation letter (200 words), this will allow us to judge your ability to integrate the project and to assign you a post that corresponds to your expectations, in which you can apply your Knowledge, Skills and Passions. 

Case Study

Case Study


You will find above a "Case Study" written by The Long Run, explaining our philosophy at the level of the Human Resources.

Sixty workstations will be reserved for members of the local communities with whom we have been working on basic training for five years.

We rely on your ability to connect with people and your experience to pass on your knowledge to these people. This experience requires interpersonal skills, patience and understanding which, we are fully aware of it, are virtues that we do not necessarily master.

This is why we ask you to read carefully the annexed "Case study".

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

 Yours truly,


Pierre-André Krüger